058: Co-working spaces, and Launching Businesses feat. Charlie Birney

I did something new this week and we did a dual recording with my guest, Charlie Birney who produces the Launch Podcast which features stories about startups.  Listen to his edited version of our conversation (which will be different than mine) here.

We dove into the specifics of Launch Workplaces, who’s gracious enough to host the Imua Services medtech & biotech startup networking event at their Rockville location on May 11.  To find out more info and register, click here.

Launch is a boutique co-working space provider with several locations in the greater D.C. / Maryland / Virginia area whose offerings go way beyond just space.  Charlie talks in depth about his favorite parts of being a tenant there as well as one thing that makes them unique — startups get featured on their Launch Podcast!  Speaking of that, we talk about how to leverage a podcast as a host and a guest for PR and to help amplify your company’s message.

I’m on a kick of mixing things up recently and will be doing a FACEBOOK LIVE Q&A podcast next week.  Ask your questions here on this post in advance and mark your calendars for Monday May 8th at 5p.m. Eastern.  That’s when I’ll be jumping on the live feed over at the Imua Services facebook page.  Hope to see you then!



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