060: The startup journey: beyond the $500k cash prize feat. Ezequeil Aleman

It’s no surprise startups are in constant fundraising mode for a while and Ezequiel of Apnosystems is no exception however, he shares with us what’s beyond the cash prize he’s currently chasing and gives us a glimpse into life as an Argentinian startup with some of the team in San Francisco.

Ezequeil and I discuss how a startup goes through phases just like that of his 2 small children.  When they’re in the infancy stage, there isn’t much going on but as they mature, more things happen, new challenges arise, and it takes cooperation to address those challenges.  The life of a startup is to get past those challenges and to keep going.  He has 3 daughters and he makes time for his family and gives a HUGE shout out to his wife for keeping the family together.

Being a global startup, even things like communication can be challenging so Apnosystem uses What’sAp as well as skype and free conference call services to keep track of eachother’s progress, share documents, communicate with subcontractors and just generally talk.

Ezequeil’s startup Apnosystem, is currently in the running for the MedTech Innovator accelerator program.  They were lucky enough to be chosen from 600 applicants to be in the top 100 and got to pitch at the pediatric innovation showcase event in Washington D.C.  From there, 50 are selected to be in a showcase featured at the annual MedTech Conference and 20 participate in the accelerator program itself.

Lastly, we discussed how it’s extremely competitive for startups to be accepted into programs like MedTech innovator and how the Imua Services Invention Idea to Profitable Product program can really help prepare them.  To sign up, click here.

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