067: What’s coming in the Next Generation of Diagnostics feat. Christina Lingham of CHI

Diagnostics is a hot industry right now as several new technologies are hitting the market. Find out what’s happening for 2017 and beyond as well as how the political climate is shaping innovation. All of this will be discussed in further detail along with other topics at the upcoming Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington D.C. Aug. 15-18

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Here’s an overview of the interview but listen for more details.

What’s your background and how you ended up working in this industry and then with CHI?

Christina currently produces conferences at CHI and she’s been working with them since 1994. She holds a degree in biochemistry from MIT and was working in the industry for a diagnostics company and really liked the industry side of science. Working with CHI was a perfect segway to be able to stay involved in science, promote innovation, and bring all the people together to make that possible.

What’s some history of Next Gen and how it’s evolved over the years that you’ve seen from the conference?

The Next Generation Diagnostics Summit is the product of several different conferences that have merged into one. It’s a great forum for those involved in research, academics, and commercialization to come together and focus on commercialization of new technology in the diagnostics field.

Pro tip — if you’re attending the conference or even if you go to D.C., make sure and stop by POV bar and restaurant on the top of the W hotel. It’s on the rooftop and is one of the best views of the city.

What are some trends you see in next generation diagnostics this year?

There’s a trend for hand held devices that perform liquid biopsies which is incredible science. To think that we don’t need to conduct traditional biopsies, that we can detect disease states from bodily fluids never before possible is amazing.

What are the highlights and what are you looking forward to this year at the conference?

The FDA will have a presence there and talk about point of care diagnostics marketed direct to the consumer like 23 and me. Issues with at home diagnostics arise when patients interpret the test results on their own. Realtime monitoring will be a topic of discussion as well and how that interfaces with optimal patient care.

Since the conference is in DC and there’s politics around… how does the current political climate help or hurt innovation in next generation diagnostics?

At the conference, there will be a keynote panel discussion from the lobbying organizations in our industry like AdvaMed, AMP, and others that will discuss what they’re working to accomplish with the government in healthcare.

What other conferences are coming up if people are unable to attend the Next Generation Dx Summit?

The Molecular Medicine Tri Conference in February takes place in San Francisco and is very similar to the Next Generation Diagnostics Summit. There’s also the Protein and Antibody Engineering Summit that takes place in November in Lisbon Portugal and has more of a European focus.

Where can people go to find out more and save money on registration for the conference?

You can go to nextgenerationdx.com and save $100 off registration with promo code IMUA

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