072: Get the Investors Attention: The Most Overlooked Thing in Your Pitch feat. Kay Fabella

Storyteller and Communications Strategist, Kay Fabella, empowers businesses to connect with their audience and customers by crafting meaningful communication strategies. Kay applies her experience as a world-recognized author, speaker and trainer to help startups to Fortune 500 companies. A Los Angeles native based in Madrid. She’s been featured in The Huffington Post and El País.


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More about Kay’s background:

She went to Madrid where she met her husband and came back so she lives there now. She met so many people that struggled with answering the question “what do you do” so she decided to help them communicate that answer clearly along with what makes them different.

What Kay is an expert at:

She’s a communication strategist and storyteller that helps entrepreneurs and startups, especially when pitching

Something that Kay has done recently to help increase her expertise:

Kay’s constantly improving, investing in herself by purchasing programs, courses, and reads as many books as she can. She writes and speaks to organizations so she can help her clients as much as possible.

One thing that medtech entrepreneurs or startups don’t know that they need to know:

Kay works regularly with companies on the Madrid Google campus to help them communicate why people should care. You’re never going to gain their trust if you can’t convey that message to them. Zoom out from your own business and remember the customer you’re trying to serve.

Example of someone that could have used Kay’s advice:

A certain app that allows for ride sharing services has had nothing but bad press lately. You have to have the right story to get people aligned with your message and that’s both internally and externally. They haven’t done that and it’s caused alot of confusion about what’s going on.

Success story that Kay has had recently:

One of her clients innovated a unique product and got the opportunity to speak with national media. They strategized beforehand and wrote down all potential questions they thought the media could have asked along with mapping out the client’s orgin story, customer, and 3 benefits of the product. This was so successful that they got attention from investors and received funding.

Kay’s best advice for medtech entrepreneurs & startups:

Clear is better than cleaver. Throw out any fancy jargon and remember….the customer needs to care.

Kay’s best book recommendation and why:

Start with Why by Simon Sinek. It’s so important to be connected in your business and people want to see where your heart is because we do business with people.

What’s the best way to get in touch with Kay:

kayfabella.com/pitching for a guide on how to pitch effectively

Favorite quote:

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel — Maya Angelou

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Meghan M. Alonso
Meghan M. Alonso, referred to by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as a medical device development expert, is known for equipping medtech & IVD companies with the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to bring innovative products to market. She’s the IVD Product Marketing Manager for NAMSA and founder of Imua Services. She’s a contributing author for best selling book “Put a Shark in Your Tank” with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and the prestigious “Molecular Profiling – Methods and Protocols”(a must read in molecular diagnostics). Her podcast, MedTech Inspired, in which she interviews the hottest startups, experts, and investors, won iTunes “New and Noteworthy”. According to the Huffington Post, she helps clients navigate the complicated process of bringing their ideas to the marketplace. She’s a patriotic military wife, pet parent, founder and co-founder of 4 successful companies who thrives on guiding medical device and IVD companies through development and manufacturing. When she isn’t helping others, Meghan is hard at work on her MBA she is pursuing from Auburn University, staying active with her adorable husky Abby, crossfitting, enjoying great restaurants and fine wine with her husband, soaking up the sun the nearest beach, and promoting the adoption of shelter dogs.

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