075: Big Changes and Bigger Opportunities in Healthcare Innovation feat. Dr. Steve Ambrose

Dr. Steve Ambrose is a strategy and company growth leader, with expertise in health consumer and patient growth. His purpose and passion is rooted in analyzing, engaging, growing and leading expansion for hospitals and health systems. He is also the host of the Red Hot Healthcare podcast show.


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More about Dr. Steve’s background:

Steve is really fired up about helping providers and innovators seize the opportunity of standing out right now by leading the change in our 50 year old healthcare system (in the US). With that, the value based care system is creating space for new innovation to succeed.

What is Dr. Steve is an expert at:

Preparing healthcare leaders and innovators to grow their business, specifically health care providers.

Something that Dr. Steve has done recently to increase his expertise:

He’s always doing research on the guests that speak on his podcast and learns from them. He’s been intrigued and focused on learning how to better engage healthcare consumers and passes that knowledge on to others.

One thing that medtech entrepreneurs or startups don’t know that they need to know:

1. Remote Confirmation Bias from Steve Blank….in other words, try to get people to tell you what you don’t want to hear and shoot down your idea. Don’t be afraid to share it because you need critics in the beginning to push you.

Target and talk to your prospects appropriately. You want to make sure your solution REALLY solves a painpoint
Focus on the benefits and not the features

Example of someone that have used Dr. Steve’s advice:

When electronic medical records first came out, one of the big companies leading the change was excited that consumers would jump on board, want to access their data, and share. They expected a 35% adoption rate of the technology and only 2% did. They didn’t take the time to understand their customer’s wants and needs.

Success story that Dr. Steve’s had recently:

He helped a client who ss a market leader grow operating revenue 440% by re-designing consumer experience. They did this together by tapping into the emotional aspects of visiting their website.

Dr Steve’s best advice you can give medtech entrepreneurs:

Focus on real problems with real solutions that hit on pain points. You want to get a fast no before a drawn out maybe. Think outside of the box

Dr. Steve’s best book recommendation and why:

Catastropic Care: How American Healthcare Killed my Father — and How we Can Fix it by David Goldhill

Disrupt You by Jay Samit

Best way to get in touch with Dr. Steve:

Check out his podcast at redhothealthcare.com

email: steve@redhothealthcare.com

Dr. Steve’s favorite quote:

When dealing with people, you’re not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion — Dale Carneghie

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