Medical Device Development important announcement from our CMO


Medical device development announcement from our CMO

Our CMO (chief morale officer) Abby and the team aren’t super excited about writing lots of blog posts so they decided that video blog posts or vlog posts would be better!  Stay tuned to our channel…literally….to get the latest tips and answers to your questions.

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Got a question you want answered?  Leave us a message by clicking on the right side of your screen OR you can fill out the form on the contact page.  Abby will be studying up and we will post a video with your medical device development questions in video format so they’re easily digestible in bite sized pieces…just like her favorite TruDog treats!


Aloha and until the next video blog….IMUA!

About the Author

Meghan M. Alonso
Meghan M. Alonso, referred to by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as a medical device development expert, is known for equipping medtech & IVD companies with the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to bring innovative products to market. She’s the IVD Product Marketing Manager for NAMSA and founder of Imua Services. She’s a contributing author for best selling book “Put a Shark in Your Tank” with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and the prestigious “Molecular Profiling – Methods and Protocols”(a must read in molecular diagnostics). Her podcast, MedTech Inspired, in which she interviews the hottest startups, experts, and investors, won iTunes “New and Noteworthy”. According to the Huffington Post, she helps clients navigate the complicated process of bringing their ideas to the marketplace. She’s a patriotic military wife, pet parent, founder and co-founder of 4 successful companies who thrives on guiding medical device and IVD companies through development and manufacturing. When she isn’t helping others, Meghan is hard at work on her MBA she is pursuing from Auburn University, staying active with her adorable husky Abby, crossfitting, enjoying great restaurants and fine wine with her husband, soaking up the sun the nearest beach, and promoting the adoption of shelter dogs.

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