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About Imua Services:

Imua Services’ objective is to become one of the world’s leading resources for medical and diagnostic product development by offering convenient training, education, and connections to key development partners  and investors specific to our client’s needs.  This will enable our clients to develop life-changing and life-saving technology that makes a positive impact on the world.
Imua Services is on a mission to move healthcare innovation forward by motivating, equipping, and leading 1 million entrepreneurs and startups to get started developing their life saving and changing products by the year 2020.  Join us in this effort and spread the word!
With our extensive background in medical device development, work as a healthcare provider, billing/reimbursement, and being a patient with medical devices, we share that expertise and knowledge with everyone going through the development process from start-ups and entrepreneurs to companies far down the path looking to outsource development and those needing medical device manufacturing.