Save Sprout… the piglet with a broken leg!

Sprout found himself in a bad situation when his momma pig fell on him.  This is a huge problem in the farming industry.  According to Matthew Rooda, CEO of startup SwineTech says that 116 million piglets died last year because of this and his company is on a mission to make sure that number drastically decreases.  Their product Swineguard detects piglet squealing then delivers a small shock (similar to a dog collar) to the momma pig so she moves out of the way and doesn’t crush the piglets.

As for Sprout, he’s in good hands with his community of humans taking care of him at Crossfit North Reston, where his owner Melissa works out.  The crossfit community has really stepped up to rally around saving little Sprout who was almost put down from his injury.  Now, his road to recovery includes specific exercises to strengthen his muscles but could use your help.  Since you all come from a background in medical technology, what other ideas do you have that can help little Sprout?

Startup Funding landscape for MedTech and Biotech in 2017

Startup Funding landscape for MedTech and Biotech in 2017

Hey guys Hau’oli Makahiki Hou if you don’t know what that means its Happy New Year in Hawaiian and if you don’t know what IMUA means that’s a Hawaiian word that means to advance forward with passion despite rough waves so I help guide you get through rough waves of medical device Medtech and Biotech product development. You’re right where you need to be IMUA on TV is a resource for moving new medical invention to market.
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The Next Great Medical Invention Could be Yours

The Next Great Medical Invention Could Be Yours

Aloha, ad welcome back to Imua on TV where you find tips, guidance and stories to help you move your medical invention to market. So today, I wanna motivate you a little bit. I know several of you have great ideas that can really change the face of health care, that could really bring the medical industry up to speed on technology and they could really save lots of lives worldwide. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Ugh I have a job and that would take time and energy and cost a lot of money to develop my idea toge tit on product nd on the market’.
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Porter’s 5 Forces in Medical Devices

Porter’s 5 Forces in Medical Devices

Aloha and welcome to another Imua on TV episode. If this is your first time watching, this is a great resource for you if you’re developing a medical product or if you just have an idea for one and you haven’t started. You can also check out our website, it’s, that’s I-M-U-A There we have more resources for you, we have a podcast, you can find all the episodes of Imua on TV and I will see you over there. So let’s dive in to our video today. So you may remember from your upper level business classes or your MBA, those Porter’s five forces. So if you haven’t had that then I’ll just tell you what that is and if you had just think of it as a reminder. This is a framework designed by Michael Porter and he is a Harvard Business School Professor. His methods are use in practically ever under graduate and MBA program. So why are they important? Will they utilize all of the different forces around your product that can pull it in different ways? Today we’re gonna be using an example of medical device and looking how this apply. So ideally what I want you to do is look at these on how they apply to your idea, your product, and development or if you already have a product on the market, this is really good. Just dive into and look at occasionally. So for our example today, we’re gonna use a shoulder implant to show you how this applies in medical devices.
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Inventor and Startup Intellectual Property Tips for Medical Products


Startup Intellectual Property for Medical Products

Aloha and welcome back to IMUA On TV. I’m Meghan Alonso and this is a great resource for you if you are a medical device inventor or startup company and you’re going through that product development process. You’re seeking funding, you’re looking at what it takes to get a product manufactured from the prototype that you built in your garage or your lab. If you like what we’re talking about today then you can check out more resources at That’s I-M-U-A dash services dot com.

So today we’re gonna talk about five common mistakes that medical device entrepreneurs and startup companies make with their intellectual property when they’re developing products.
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5 Tips: How to Scale Up for Medical Device Manufacturing


How To Get Your Product Ready For Manufacturing

E Komo Mai and Aloha. Welcome to another episode of Imua on TV, the place to be to take your medical invention to market. So I’m glad you’re here with me today. I had Bill write in with a question. So Bill’s looking for some, just guidance with how to get ready for manufacturing. So he’s got his product working, he’s ready to scale it up. So Bill, I have 4 1/2 points for you. I know 4 1/2 sounds kind of funny, but we’ll get to that.
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Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical device marketing for startups is more than just what you learn in school.  Meghan Alonso shares her #1 tip that she consider’s the most important thing for any company and gives an example of how it worked!

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Full Transcript:
E Komo Mail and Aloha. I’m Megan Alonso of Imua Services and welcome to Imau on TV. If this is your first time watching Imua Services offers medical device start up companies, entrepreneurs and inventors tips and tricks to get their product to market. Today I just want to remind you of something we’ve covered on the podcast, we’ve covered on the blog and I saw an example of it today so I just wanted to jump on here real quick. I’m not even in the studio, I’m in my hotel in Washington, D.C.
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Medical Device Development important announcement from our CMO


Medical device development announcement from our CMO

Our CMO (chief morale officer) Abby and the team aren’t super excited about writing lots of blog posts so they decided that video blog posts or vlog posts would be better!  Stay tuned to our channel…literally….to get the latest tips and answers to your questions.

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Got a question you want answered?  Leave us a message by clicking on the right side of your screen OR you can fill out the form on the contact page.  Abby will be studying up and we will post a video with your medical device development questions in video format so they’re easily digestible in bite sized pieces…just like her favorite TruDog treats!


Aloha and until the next video blog….IMUA!

The Best Advice You Need to Follow For Medical Device Development

Business owners and marketers in all industries are constantly trying to get ahead of the latest trend or social platform or trying to reach that one person that can propel their product. But really, the answer to business success is far simpler than you might think.

In fact, the best marketing advice for anyone is unequivocally:
Ha’ awi.

What does this mean?

Ha' awi - Give - Imua Services

Recently, marketing expert and leader of the 311,000 member Medical Devices Group on LinkedIn, Joe Hage came on Inspired by Imua to share best practices for medical device development professionals.
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