047 – Millennial Entrepreneurship in MedTech

By the year 2025, the workforce will be made up of 75% millennials….that’s 3 out of 4. What are you doing so that you keep up with the trends and stay engaged with this audience that’s bound to be your customer, your employee, your employer, or your VC? I give tips for this in this episode, which was a presentation given at MedTech Monday and you can download the presentation….as well as watch a HILARIOUS video

See the presentation here
Watch the video here
Get the “Put a Shark in Your Tank Book” here

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044 – How Giving turned into Getting from One of Hawaii’s Angel Investors feat. Hoala Greevy

Hawaiian born and bred Hoala Greevy talks story with Meghan Alonso on how how he celebrated startup growth by giving then got a gift from one of Hawaii’s angel investors. Also. listen to his entrepreneurial journey and how he stumbled into healthcare…. all the way from designing a game app!

Our virtual pre-accelerator, Invention Idea to Profitable Product is back and better since we’re almost done with beta! Keep informed on updates and how you can sign up here.

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Startup Funding landscape for MedTech and Biotech in 2017

Startup Funding landscape for MedTech and Biotech in 2017

Hey guys Hau’oli Makahiki Hou if you don’t know what that means its Happy New Year in Hawaiian and if you don’t know what IMUA means that’s a Hawaiian word that means to advance forward with passion despite rough waves so I help guide you get through rough waves of medical device Medtech and Biotech product development. You’re right where you need to be IMUA on TV is a resource for moving new medical invention to market.
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37 – What you need to know to get startup funding for your medical product part 2

Getting startup funding for your medical product can be full of stormy waves.  Listen up to find out what goes in to a winning pitch and what investors want to see.

When seeking startup funding, you need to have a solid business structure, business strategy, and pitch. Today we dive into these details to build on part 1 (in episode 36). If you didn’t listen to part 1, you should…and it’s the process of what it takes to get your product to market from ideation to launch and covers what needs to be done in marketing to regulatory to engineering to sales.

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  • Shoutout to Brian Johnson [3:11]
  • Why doing it solo is unrealistic and why a team is better [5:08]
  • The importance of an advisory board [6:27]
  • Are you talking to the right investors? [9:57]
  • How to use your presentation pitch to connect with your audience[10:56]
  • Practice public speaking [12:26]
  • Be a passionate storyteller [14:11]
  • Why YOU? [14:52]
  • Quick reminder [17:31]

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036 – What you need to know to get startup funding for your medical product part 1

Ever wanted to get advice from lots of medical device development experts or find out what mistakes they see over and over again?

When seeking startup funding, there’s more work involved than just asking for money. Investors want to be confident that you can drive your product forward and be successful on the market and that comes with knowing the process of getting there, being prepared, and giving them the info they want to see. This is part 1 of 2 in a series that will give a brief overview of what you need to have a grasp of before going out and trying to get a pitch lined up.

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  • Belated happy thanksgiving [0:36 ]
  • Why getting your funding is not just about your pitch [1:02]
  • Is your idea or technology what the market needs and wants [4:53]
  • The stages of development [6:57]
  • How to get where you want to go [10:13]
  • Intellectual property [11:12]
  • Engineering, design, and prototyping [12:24]
  • Clinical and regulatory [13:58]
  • Usability and human factors – why your invention ought to be intuitive [15:33]
  • Manufacturing process [18:43]
  • Sales – crafting the sales strategy [19:15]

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030 – How to get Startup Funding for your Medical Product

John Livesay, referred to as the “Pitch Whisperer”, helps startups get the funding they need by helping them refine their pitches. He explains why the jockey is more important than the horse, as well as the role empathy plays in startups. Learn how to weave stories in to your pitch and wow investors.  

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  • How John helps improve pitches [2:31]
  • The biggest mistake people make when pitching [3:10]
  • How your pitch should involve throughout the process [12:10]
  • Examples of how John helps Start-Ups [14:15]
  • Key takeaways from John’s experience [19:00]

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018 – Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington Gives Pitching Tips and Explains Why You Need a Shark in Your Tank

Kevin Harrington is an entrepreneur, author, and business executive known as the ‘5 Billion Dollar Man’. In this episode I sit down with Kevin to talk about all things ‘pitching’. We discuss the number one mistake he sees entrepreneurs make, one of the worst pitches he’s ever seen, and how Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money.

  • The number one mistake he sees when someone pitches to him [2:46]
  • Why preparation is the most important part of delivering a good pitch [5:03]
  • His top two questions that people are unprepared for [5:45]
  • The basic questions you need to cover in your executive summary [7:40]
  • The best way to get his attention in an email [9:48]
  • The kind of investments he doesn’t like [12:02]
  • How Mark Zuckerberg approached raising money [13:59]
  • Why it’s important to know what type of investor you are talking to [15:28]
  • One of the worst pitches he’s ever received [16:09]
  • Why he believes in using visuals to sell [18:55]
  • Why you need to ‘Put a Shark in Your Tank’ [21:06]

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008 – Is your company fundable? Aaron Call will cover the steps to make it so it is.

In this episode I sit down with Aaron Call from MediCoventures to discuss his company, their process to taking a new medical device product out of the ideation stage, and why product market fit is so important.

  • How and why he ended up moving to Phoenix, Arizona.
  • The story behind MediCoventures and how it got started.
  • How MediCoventures approaches validation of new product ideas.
  • Why your idea is only as valuable as the market says it is.

Download the Fundability Criteria worksheet.

“We want to help you develop something that is better than your original idea.” – Aaron Call
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003 – Crowdfunding $453k and Goal Setting with Brandon T. Adams


In this episode I sit down with Brandon T. Adams who is the author and founder of Keys to the Crowd. Brandon leaves it all on the table sharing his story from watching his dad sell ice as a child to launching his first successful kickstarter campaign, then most recently raising over a whoppin’ $453k for a client.


  • Brandon’s first introduction to entrepreneurship.
  • His inspiration to start his first company.
  • How Brandon transitioned from his first product and became a crowdfunding expert.
  • Why he started the Young Entrepreneurs Convention.
  • How he landed big name speakers like Kevin Harrington, John Lee Dumas, and others.
  • Why you should do things that scare you.
  • How you can win a free VIP ticket to the Young Entrepreneurs Convention
  • Raising $453,803 on Kickstarter.

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