I’m Meghan Alonso and over the past decade, I’ve helped many people develop lots of new medical devices.


But how do you know if your idea is a good one?


I get asked that question a lot which is why I’ve put together a simple 3 question assessment to help you determine if your medical invention idea is worth pursuing.


Getting started is easy: share your name, answer the first question and share your email below.
Once you answer all the questions I’ll send you some recommendations based on what you’ve told me.


Invention Idea Possibility Assessment

Who’s name goes on this assessment?
Question 1: When it comes to impacting the lives of those who use your medical device,
will this be prolonging (or saving) their actual lives or will it be improving the quality of life?
Question 2: When it comes to stage of life that your medical device patients will be in, are you seeing this being used primarily with infants/children, adults, seniors or does age not matter and all people use it?
Question 3: When it comes to the device itself and how it will be used, what is the frequency with which it will be used?
What’s the best email to send your results?

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