048 – What Biotech and Life Science Companies can do for Exposure feat. Erik Clausen

While some startups and early stage companies struggle with getting their messages out, others thrive. Erik Clausen and I do a deep dive into what you can do to get some exposure and PR. Erik is a managing partner for CG Life, a marketing agency specializing in the biotech and life sciences industry and share stories about his clients as well as the office “labs” —- and I mean the furry kind with 4 legs.

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  • Who is Erik Klausen and the story behind the labs [2:33]
  • History of CG Life [4:56]
  • Value bombs you can learn from Erik [6:47]
  • Content delivery strategy for a diverse audience [10:10]
  • What is content marketing and why you need it [11:05]
  • The most common mistake [17:32]
  • Tactical results vs strategic results [18:22]
  • Advertising campaigns – how to use them effectively? [18:58]
  • Tip for shoestring budget media buys [21:28]

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034 – The Most Important Thing to do When you Have an Idea for a Medical Invention with Pat Flynn

Find out about how other industries are using idea validation to be successful and how that applies when you’re working on a medical invention.

My guest Pat Flynn isn’t in the medical device industry, he doesn’t have a medical invention, but has extreme expertise at creating new businesses, products, and services around what people want. What did he do to make everything successful? Idea validation. Talking with people about what they want and need. Listen about his ideas that flopped when he didn’t do this, and find out about his book that services as an idea validation guide.

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  • Get to know Pat Flynn and his background [3:00]
  • Pat’s failure stories and why it matters a lot [7:49]
  • Pat’s $15,000 lesson and how you can avoid the same costly experience [10:50]
  • Validate your idea. [12:51]
  • Listening and market research takes the guess work out of the way [17:32]
  • Set the right mindset first [19:15]


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023 – Are you following your market compass with Chris Deardorff

In this episode, Chris Deardorff and Meghan get down to the business of business. They explore the true meaning of marketing, where it can (and isn’t) being implemented by companies, and jump into the “Three Truths about Marketing.”

  • What companies are getting wrong [6:30]
  • Why you need to develop a target audience [11:04]
  • How to develop a buyer persona [15:50]
  • What’s changing in the Denver Health-Tech space [19:00]
  • A Steve Jobs Primer for Marketing [26:30]

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Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical device marketing for startups is more than just what you learn in school.  Meghan Alonso shares her #1 tip that she consider’s the most important thing for any company and gives an example of how it worked!

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Full Transcript:
E Komo Mail and Aloha. I’m Megan Alonso of Imua Services and welcome to Imau on TV. If this is your first time watching Imua Services offers medical device start up companies, entrepreneurs and inventors tips and tricks to get their product to market. Today I just want to remind you of something we’ve covered on the podcast, we’ve covered on the blog and I saw an example of it today so I just wanted to jump on here real quick. I’m not even in the studio, I’m in my hotel in Washington, D.C.
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001: The Secrets of Medical Device Marketing with Joe Hage

In this episode, Joe Hage shares the most important marketing and communications tips for companies going through medical device development.  He gives the following actionable advice + more:

  • How to connect with influential people and actually get a response.
  • How to use LinkedIn when looking for investors in your product.
  • Why communication is the key to achieving you goal.

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