Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical device marketing for startups is more than just what you learn in school.  Meghan Alonso shares her #1 tip that she consider’s the most important thing for any company and gives an example of how it worked!

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Full Transcript:
E Komo Mail and Aloha. I’m Megan Alonso of Imua Services and welcome to Imau on TV. If this is your first time watching Imua Services offers medical device start up companies, entrepreneurs and inventors tips and tricks to get their product to market. Today I just want to remind you of something we’ve covered on the podcast, we’ve covered on the blog and I saw an example of it today so I just wanted to jump on here real quick. I’m not even in the studio, I’m in my hotel in Washington, D.C.

I’m here for the Next Generation Diagnostic Summit, which is great by the way. Seeing all different new diagnostic technologies coming out. Hearing about all the research and getting excited about what’s coming in healthcare in the next decade.

My little story for today. I’m staying at the W Hotel, which is gorgeous by the way if you haven’t ever been here. If you go, be sure to take the elevators all the way to the rooftop. There’s a great bar and you have an amazing view of downtown DC, actually the White House too, so you can see that. I was up there taking a video and I posted it on Twitter and I saw that the W Hotel had a Twitter account so I tagged them in that. I talked about how beautiful the view was and how great the bar was. I wasn’t even doing that with any intention of getting anything but what did they do? They tweeted me back. They said, “Thanks for your kind words. You should go up there at night time and enjoy a different and go have a drink up there.” I tweeted them back and I said, “Yeah, I’ll be up there later on.” A few hours later I get a card stuck under my hotel room door. I open it up and what’s inside? A free drink ticket.

I honestly don’t know if they gave that to me just because or if it’s because I was on social media promoting them. Why I’m even telling you this story and why it’s relevant is because a lot of times if you do things for people without expecting anything in return, something great comes your way. That’s good for you because say you’re out there trying to raise money for your product or you’re needing some assistance with engineering, you’re needing people to help you. You want to come at this as how can I help other people? What can I do for them? What are they doing that I can be a part of? Go out there, do that, tell me about the experience that you have, leave a comment for me.

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Until the next episode, IMUA.

You’re probably wondering what imua means too. Imua is a Hawaiian that means to advance forward with passion despite rough waves. Keep doing that, I know the journey as an inventor and entrepreneur is tough so hang with me and we’ll hang ten.

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