The Next Great Medical Invention Could be Yours

The Next Great Medical Invention Could Be Yours

Aloha, ad welcome back to Imua on TV where you find tips, guidance and stories to help you move your medical invention to market. So today, I wanna motivate you a little bit. I know several of you have great ideas that can really change the face of health care, that could really bring the medical industry up to speed on technology and they could really save lots of lives worldwide. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Ugh I have a job and that would take time and energy and cost a lot of money to develop my idea toge tit on product nd on the market’.

And you know you’re right, it takes all of that but it’s really worth it in the end. I have made that easier because I give you a path, I can connect you to the right investors, to the right development partners and maybe factors that can make that happen. So wanna know why it’s worth it? Wanna know what impact you’ll have to society for generations if you just give your idea a chance and give it some legs? So think about how we’re just on the cusp of all these technology. Just something really simple today that we take for granted that it was a major major leap for the healthcare industry just over a hundred years ago to think how fast that happens. So when I was a kid and we probably all have stories like this and even now I’m still active and I’m still on fitness and sports and just kind of bouncing around everywhere. My dad even said that he would say, ‘Here comes Meghan rolling on in’ coz I wouldn’t just walk around the house I would somersault and roll around the house. So this particular day, I was not somersaulting but I was five and I was showing my parents that I could walk on my hands across the living room. So I did that, I was making pretty good headway until I crashed into the refiner. So I felt an immediate pain in my collar bone area and it really felt like I had broken it and you know when you palpate and that collar bone just sticks out so you can kinda feel it’s broken. There I was crying on the floor, my parents just wanted to really help out obviously. My mom called the doctor’s office. She was on the phone, yes this was a phone in our kitchen attached to the wall. We don’t have cellphones back then and again another example of how technology changed. So anyway, we go to the hospital and after we’re waiting for the Xray after a while, after a few lollipops, after teddy bear that my dad got me at the gift shop, we’re on our way home. All I had was a sling and I was supposed to wear it so that the bone could heal, so the bone could stay in place. So seems pretty routine, right? Quick in and out visit, well guess what? We didn’t have Xrays in 1895. I along with anybody who’s ever had Xray can think will hime rant again. Yes that’s will hime rant again. So he noticed that a ray from his cathode ray generator was creating an image on an object and the beam could even cut through matters. You could kinda see what was inside, He thought wow this is pretty cool and what would I do with it. Well luckily he had the foresight to think this could be a breakthrough in medical technology so he tested it on himself, he tested it on his wife and before he knew it he had an image of her hand and he could see the bones and her wedding ring in that image. So what a great diagnostic tool we have. And it’s used all over the world in several different ways; from hospitals and clinics to diagnose broken bones; to dental Xrays, to veterinary Xrays. We even have Xrays that are looking for tuberculosis and I’m sure there’s even many more that I’m not listening. That’s all from his one idea or not even an idea. I guess he stumbled upon this technology. He won a nobel prize in 1901 and that just got me thinking today. What will some of the inventions be the people are talking about in the year 2100. I know that sounds crazy. I mostly likely won’t be alive to see that but just crazy to think about that. So if you have an idea that yo think coul really change medicine, why keep it inside? If you found something, if you stumbled upon some technology, you should do something with that. Not everybody wins a nobel prize, no. But theres’ amazing things that can happen and if you never take action on the idea, you’ll never know. You could be a hundred years old looking back and saying I should have what I could have. I want you to just do rather that can say I should have what I could have. Look at the impact that he made and this leads into perfectly. I have a beta version of my new program called Invention Idea to Profitable Product and I’m looking for ten beta testers to go through this with me so I can really help show you what it takes to get a product to market, what it takes to get funded; how do you connect with those development partners and manufacturing partners that in the end will be able to get your product on the market and help change the face of the healthcare. So that’s you if you have an idea for a device, I’d love to hear from you and I’d love for you to be a part of this program and just be a part of it for free this founding class, one of those ten spots. So all you have to do really is give me some feedback, you go through it, you help me shape it for the paid version of it. So how you can get there, you can go to , oh yeah let me remind you, this is open until November 30th 2016. So if you’re watching this after that date, still head over to this website because I’ll have some more information there for you about getting involved in the next class. So you wanna go to imua-services/iipp which stands for Invention Idea to Profitable Product. You can find more information about the program there. You can apply and like I said if it’s after November 30th there’ll be lots of information for you and you just have a great product, people already tested it. So I will see you in the next video and until then, Imua!

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