070: How NOT to patent an idea (7 costly mistakes you must avoid)

This episode was inspired by a conversation I had recently with someone that I felt sorry for that they had been duped into spending $18,000 right off the bat on a patent for their idea when they weren’t really sure they were going to move forward with it. I see this quite often and felt it warranted another podcast episode on it.

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069: Point of care testing and point of view on startup life feat. Lonnie Adelman

I’ve known Lonnie for several years now and I’ve watched him create iAssay, nurture it, and is now making some major headway with investors. It’s exciting to think about the journey he’s been on and how he’s kept going. Listen up for some great advice on how to incorporate your startup into family life as well as what investors are looking for NOW.

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068: MedTech Monday and why it’s important to go to medtech events feat. Dan Golka

In a week and a half on Aug. 7 in Irvine CA marks the 2nd MedTech Monday event focused on what’s going on in the industry, has the hottest startups presenting, and great content by those making great things happen. Listen to find out why it’s important to always be networking along with Dan’s advice for startups today.

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067: What’s coming in the Next Generation of Diagnostics feat. Christina Lingham of CHI

Diagnostics is a hot industry right now as several new technologies are hitting the market. Find out what’s happening for 2017 and beyond as well as how the political climate is shaping innovation. All of this will be discussed in further detail along with other topics at the upcoming Next Generation Dx Summit in Washington D.C. Aug. 15-18

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066: Medtech Events, Biotech Startup Networking, and Growth

Why are medtech events so important? If you’re a biotech startup, networking is essential. Why? Because medical innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It doesn’t happen when you’re working by yourself in your garage, in your classroom, or in your lab. It happens with community. Imua Services is building that community (our O’hana….which means family in Hawaiian) to foster this medical innovation and make it happen. Find out why YOU are needed to grow this and what you can do to be on the ground floor in getting it started.

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065: Big Tumors, Brain Surgeries, OssDsign AB, and Burst Biologics feat. Aaron Jennings

Aaron Jennings has been through quite the journey with his health and after another surgery 3 weeks ago, he remains strong and healthy and is enjoying time as a father and husband. His story is pretty unique as he’s been able to use some of the products his company makes in his latest surgery as well as be on the forefront of medical innovation by staying in touch with his industry connections. Listen to his amazing story and get inspired!


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In addition to being a patient, you work in the medical industry. What drove you to do that?

He met someone in his mid twenties that recruited him to be in medical device sales. He got his start in orthopedics and moved out to the West coast.

How has it been managing work, personal, and family life with everything going on?

Aaron’s wife is amazing and has managed the household well. He has a strong support group of colleagues and he’s been lucky to leverage his industry connections for him to work with top surgeons

What’s the story with your brain surgeries?

Back in 2012 he had symptoms of headaches and vomiting and found he had a benign tumor the size of a tennis ball in his head. He was lucky enough to have it removed the next day. The tumor grew back at a rapid pace so he had it removed again then had radiation therapy. He got MRSA with that surgery and they had to remove his bone flap so he had an unprotected area of his skull. Aaron was the first patients to have a vascularized plate put in his head so his tissue has a lower chance of rejecting the plate.

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064: Winner of Pitch Makeover + June LIVE Q&A

drumroll….the winner is…..James Davis! Check out his video here. We’ll keep you posted on his journey through a pitch makeover and you’ll be able to see the transformation.

James was one of several entries that made a video and shared his plea for why he should get a pitch makeover. The entry with the most amount of social shares won.

Every month, I do a live Q&A show answering questions that were submitted to me as well as answering questions directly on the live stream and here’s a synopsis of what I covered:
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063: Hackathons, winning pitch competitions, and the startup grind feat. Nick Delmonico

Nick has struggled with asthma and when his school was hosting a hackathon, he thought there’s got to be a better solution to managing this huge medical condition than what’s already out there. A few years later and many years wiser, Nick has founded Strados Labs and is moving his medical invention to market. Learn what he’s overcome and advice that’s helped him get here.

Highlights from this interview:


Nick entered this field with experience in finance and was inspired by his struggles with asthma to create something better

Big progress lately:

Strados Labs has been winning several pitch competitions lately and getting lots of press (along with this podcast of course)

Feedback they’ve been getting that’s helped them win pitch competitions:

Define your problem, identify how you’re going to solve that problem, and make sure there’s a big enough market for it
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062: Mindset & Motivation Special Interview from Kate Erickson

Entrepreneurship and startups can be a tough environment and take a steely personality for sure. Combine that with several life transitions all at once and you’ve got a perfect storm of things to deal with. Most people will give you technical advice but business is more than just that which is why I want to be completely transparent and share my journey… to keep you motivated.

My life the past 100 days has been anything but easy with some HUGE life transitions and problems all happening at once…..then to top it off, the day I recorded this episode (Memorial Day), I had to drop my husband off at the airport to head to Afghanistan for a few months (his 7th deployment…but this one as a contractor).

I was featured on the Kate’s Take podcast (which is AMAZING by the way and you can listen to our episode on her show here) to talk about what I’d been through and the struggles that entrepreneurs and startups go through in terms of mindset and motivation and so many people reached out to me to let me know they enjoyed the episode. I thought it should be shared on my podcast too so this is the same audio.

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061: Pitch contest and tips for pitching to celebrate my birthday

It’s my birthday June 11 and I want to celebrate by helping others and have a fun contest going on. The winner will receive a pitch makeover or get help putting their pitch together if they don’t have one yet. I cover the details in this episode + I give some tips on pitching based on my experience and from working with the original Shark from Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington when we wrote our book “Put a Shark in Your Tank” together.

Here’s how the contest works:

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  1. Record a short video on why you should win a pitch makeover or why you want a pitch that’s going to help you win competitions. Upload that video to youtube on a public setting
  2. Enter the contest above by clicking the link. You’ll enter your name, your email, and add the URL of your youtube video
  3. You’ll receive a confirmation with instructions on how to SHARE IT.
  4. The person with the most social shares (this is you sharing, your friends, family, and co-workers sharing) by June 12 wins.
  5. I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook Live video Q&A podcast on June 12 at 5pm Eastern. Like us on Facebook here so you can watch

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