039 – Confessions with a Medical Device Entrepreneur feat Reggie Swift

Reggie Swift has helped several companies develop their products as an engineer and became inspired to change the world with some of his own ideas.  He’s working hard on them when he has the time (in addition to his other job) and is feeling the pains and joys that come with being an entrepreneur.  Listen to some of the things he’s overcome and what fires him up every morning to keep working hard and pushing forward with the spirit of Imua!

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  • A brief introduction to today’s guest [1:09]
  • Recouping strategy [6:14]
  • Tips to get your idea into fruition [7:50]
  • The most difficult part of Reggie’s journey [10:01]
  • Tips you need to know about grants [12:24]
  • Self educating yourself while putting up your company [13:45]
  • Market research surprises [17:02]
  • Final tip from Reggie [19:18]

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The Next Great Medical Invention Could be Yours

The Next Great Medical Invention Could Be Yours

Aloha, ad welcome back to Imua on TV where you find tips, guidance and stories to help you move your medical invention to market. So today, I wanna motivate you a little bit. I know several of you have great ideas that can really change the face of health care, that could really bring the medical industry up to speed on technology and they could really save lots of lives worldwide. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘Ugh I have a job and that would take time and energy and cost a lot of money to develop my idea toge tit on product nd on the market’.
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035 Medical Device Development Advice: Roundup from Experts at the Medical Device and Investor Forum

Ever wanted to get advice from lots of medical device development experts or find out what mistakes they see over and over again?

Well, I asked, and have it here for you. While at this year’s OCTANe Medical Device & Investor Forum in October, I collected audio from a VC investor, mechanical, software, firmware, electronic, and optical engineers along with strategy consultants.

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  • Quick reminder: Eight days to go for the Application period for IIPP (Invention Idea to Profitable Product) [2:02]
  • Dac Vu’s greatest piece of advice for startup companies [3:17]
  • Francisco’s take on what the biggest mistakes companies make in software development [4:44]
  • Tom Hunter & Matt Romey from Azzur Group on why they think multi tasking is one of the biggest mistakes startups make [6:10]
  • Steve Maylish, Fusion Biotec & Len Brandt, Brandt Ventures – why every startups should own the reimbursement question [7:11]
  • Should ventures be all about money? Three keys to money. [8:42]
  • Robert Winn, K&L Gates – IP advice for startup companies [11:18]
  • Robert’s thoughts about FastTrack [11:46]
  • Listen to Ron Sully, from Omnica on his best advice when going through product development [12:22]
  • Manage expectations – thoughts of Peman Montazemi & Albert Yi, Saritasa [14:42]
  • Save time and money by keeping your focus [16:41]

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32 – Got an Idea for a Medical Invention? Here’s What to do Next.

Got an Idea for a Medical Invention? Here’s What to do Next.

Ever wondered what to do with that great idea for a medical invention? Meghan Alonso walks you through actionable steps and gives options for you to drive your product forward so it reaches the many lives it can impact.

Ready to dive in?

Apply for the new FREE BETA version of “Invention Idea to Profitable Product” here

OR you can text the word INVENTION to 44222.

  • How to be one of the lucky 10 to get free access to our program [1:16]
  • Got an idea for a medical invention, now what? [2:49]
  • How to validate your idea and Identify your target market [5:22]
  • What can you do with your idea to keep things moving forward? [7:43]
  • Connect with people who can get you to your goal [10:58]
  • Find strategic partners [13:16]
  • Check out how we can help you get started [14:19]

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022 – Still Movin’ Forward and Winning Medals With an Artificial Heart with Andrew Jones

In this episode I sit down with a 26 year old bodybuilder who wears an artificial heart while working out.

  • How AJ ended up with an LVAD [2:14]
  • How he ended up with heart failure [6:12]
  • What he is trying to do with Hearts at Large [7:24]
  • How to register as an organ donor [9:08]
  • What he would want to tell the engineers of his medical devices [13:50]
  • His fitness journey and what it’s like to workout with an artificial heart [20:59]
  • How Meghan dealt with Hepatitis C treatment [25:15]

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Medical Device Development important announcement from our CMO


Medical device development announcement from our CMO

Our CMO (chief morale officer) Abby and the team aren’t super excited about writing lots of blog posts so they decided that video blog posts or vlog posts would be better!  Stay tuned to our channel…literally….to get the latest tips and answers to your questions.

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Got a question you want answered?  Leave us a message by clicking on the right side of your screen OR you can fill out the form on the contact page.  Abby will be studying up and we will post a video with your medical device development questions in video format so they’re easily digestible in bite sized pieces…just like her favorite TruDog treats!


Aloha and until the next video blog….IMUA!

021- My Life With Medical Devices + Mistakes to Avoid in Development

In this episode we flip the script and I have Laura Petersen interview me to discuss the top mistakes people make in medical product development and my personal journey in the space.

  • Meghan’s personal history with medical devices [2:55]
  • Why she felt prepared to get her eye removed [8:49]
  • Why she has a medical device installed in her hip [12:16]
  • How she performed as a gymnast all through college [21:08]
  • How she got started with product development [22:35]
  • What she does at IMUA Services [27:37]
  • The top 5 mistakes people make in medical device development [30:07]

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019 – Insight into IVD device development with John and Jenn Zeis

In this episode I sit down with John and Jenn Zeis from Toolbox Medical Innovations to discuss:

  • How Toolbox came to be [3:14]
  • How Toolbox helped one of their clients take their idea to market [5:25]
  • How John and  balance their family and their business [6:39]
  • How Toolbox helps their clinical and regulatory clients [9:43]
  • Why pre-established relationships are important [10:55]
  • The biggest issues Toolbox clients face [12:55]
  • Why usability is important [15:25]
  • The two main reasons to do usability studies [17:08]
  • John and Jenn’s key piece of advice for device development [18:53]

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016 – From Idea to Product in 18 Months with Dr. John Alderete

Dr. John Alderete is a father, a violinist, a microbiologist, and an entrepreneur. In this episode I sit down with him to discuss his experiences in the diagnostics device industry, what he would do differently today, and why he cares so much about music.

  • His most favorite place to have played music [3:55]
  • His path to starting his first diagnostics company [5:20]
  • What he views as a realistic timeline to developing rapid diagnostic tests [7:33]
  • The difference between Medical Devices and Diagnostics Devices [11:15]
  • What he would do differently today [14:31]
  • His process to product validation [16:49]
  • The first thing you should do to move forward on your product idea [21:00]
  • Why you should address your technology transfer office as soon as possible [21:34]
  • Why he loves what he does and encourages others to be entrepreneurial [25:30]

“Capitalize on your strengths, outsource weak areas.” – Dr. John Alderete Read more »

012 – How to Navigate the Development and Innovation Process with Dr. Art Erdman

In this episode I sit down with Dr. Art Erdman to talk about his background in engineering, how 3D printing helps research, and how to navigation the development and innovation process.

  • The University of Minnesota Medical Devices Center, what it does, and how it spurs medical device innovation.
  • How Dr. Erdman ended up in the medical device industry from a background in engineering.
  • How the technology of 3D printing at the Medical Devices Center helped to remove a brain tumor.
  • Advice for people struggling through the development and innovation process.
  • The importance of collaboration in the medical device industry.

“I think we all struggle with so much information and technology moving so fast—what’s going to be important and what’s not?”— Dr. Art Erdman Read more »