Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical Device Marketing: The Most Important Thing

Medical device marketing for startups is more than just what you learn in school.  Meghan Alonso shares her #1 tip that she consider’s the most important thing for any company and gives an example of how it worked!

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Full Transcript:
E Komo Mail and Aloha. I’m Megan Alonso of Imua Services and welcome to Imau on TV. If this is your first time watching Imua Services offers medical device start up companies, entrepreneurs and inventors tips and tricks to get their product to market. Today I just want to remind you of something we’ve covered on the podcast, we’ve covered on the blog and I saw an example of it today so I just wanted to jump on here real quick. I’m not even in the studio, I’m in my hotel in Washington, D.C.
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The Best Advice You Need to Follow For Medical Device Development

Business owners and marketers in all industries are constantly trying to get ahead of the latest trend or social platform or trying to reach that one person that can propel their product. But really, the answer to business success is far simpler than you might think.

In fact, the best marketing advice for anyone is unequivocally:
Ha’ awi.

What does this mean?

Ha' awi - Give - Imua Services

Recently, marketing expert and leader of the 311,000 member Medical Devices Group on LinkedIn, Joe Hage came on Inspired by Imua to share best practices for medical device development professionals.
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