024 – You Can’t Change Healthcare Unless You’re Healthy with Nicholas & Amanda Bayerle

In this episode I sit down with Amanda and Nicholas Bayerle from the True challenge to discuss:

  • The importance of making your health a priority
  • How to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into a busy schedule
  • Why having a clear goal is crucial to sustaining a healthy lifestyle
  • The benefits of drinking water on your productivity
  • How to prioritize what is most important to you
  • Why accountability is key

Amanda Bayerle is the co-founder of The True Challenge, a motivational company designed to provide products and services to help entrepreneurs grow their personal, physical, and professional life.

Nicholas Bayerle is the co-founder of The True Challenge, a motivational company designed to provide products and services to help entrepreneurs grow their personal, physical, and professional life.

The True Challenge™ embodies life itself-our dreams, goals, and desires. The vision of this company is based on 3 key foundational elements: Hope, Dream, Live.

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Podcast Transcription:

Recorder: Are you ready to master the waves of medical device product development? Well wax up your surfboard because you are listening to inspired by Imua. Here is your medical device product development expert that Hawaiian hearted hostess who will help you hang ten. Meghan Alonso.

Meghan: E komo mai and aloha! You’re listening to inspired by Imua, where we help you master the waves of medical product development. Each week we interview guest that educate, guide and inspire to give you and your product the skills you need to hang ten. If this is your first time listening, Imua is spelled I-M-U-A. It’s a Hawaiian word, it means to advance forward with passion despite rough waves. There are plenty of those in medical device industry so keep listening because we’ve got you covered. So my guests today are dynamic duo. They give busy entrepreneurs probably the best gift that anybody could possibly ever receive. That’s empowering them to lead a healthy lifestyle while running a business and that’s pretty tough most of the time. So they guide a hundreds to prioritizing every day decisions that put their health first so they can change the world with their product. They have a special treat especially for those guys listening in today and head on to the website truechallenge.com/webinar to let you in just a few of their secrets. So without further ado let’s welcome Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle. Are you guys ready to hang ten?

Nicholas and Amanda: We are!

Nicholas: Thank you for having us on.

Meghan: You’re welcome. Well thanks for being here. So besides that little bit in the intro, dive a little bit deeper and tell us how exactly you help entrepreneurs in their busy lives.

Amanda: Yeah, so we really help specifically men but entrepreneurs up level their life by making help a priority in their life, you know. We believe that your health is your greatest wealth and to really do well in all things you need to have your health as a priority. You can only really control a few things in life and your health you actually can control that. And so, how you do one thing and how you do everything we believe that creating a healthy foundation for your life by healthy habits and being fit and healthy it creates a ripple of effect in every area of your life. As entrepreneurs, as business people when you’re taking care of yourself and you respect yourself, other people respect you and you actually look at more or as a leader. That’s what we do. We will be able to coach a lot of entrepreneurs, a lot of people over the past couple of years and see them more productive, more confident, and really getting the best shape with their life.

Meghan: So what are those, I’m sure you see all kinds of excuses and challenges for people that just put it on the back burner and sometimes it just happens over time. What are some of the biggest things you see that people finally breakdown? Hey, alright I really need some help.

Nicholas: Yes but usually sadly it uses something trashy to happen. You know some pattern come to interrupt in their life to get into change and so people think it’s a bad thing when they have external manifestation of ill health or bad health because they’re like Oh my gosh like for me I was 60 pounds overweight so that was an extra manifestation that I some have unhealthy habits and I was able to control my life. But that was really lucky for me because I was able to see the bad habits and the things I was doing wrong they suck the results I was getting. It’s almost worth to someone who is able to completely feel unhealthy from the inside but doesn’t fully manifest in front of everyone on the outside. So one of the biggest things that people go through is they realize that every area of their life that they really care about at the end of the day if anything that could happen in their entire life is they draw up a story, they realize and we can show them on paper that they can actually improve those areas of their life through increasing their health. So that comes in value for them where if I told you for anyone in the show, if anyone has medical device or anyone is trying to raise money but I am sure people always want to raise money or make money.

Meghan: Yeah.

Nicholas: If I will tell you I would give you 3 hundred million dollars if you follow my plan of health for ten years would you do it?

Meghan: Oh, yeah. I just naturally take care of my health too.

Nicholas: But if you’re able to do that then there’s no reason not to. There’s a value on the other side of the health greater than the struggle that you need to go through and the obstacles that you need to overcome then anyone would do it. Sadly, people don’t see the results from where they are at now and that’s why we are around. We are showing people exactly what their return of investments would going to be and a lot of times it is far greater than three hundred million dollars. So if you would do it for three hundred million dollars then that just means that obviously you can see the return of investments that you know in ten years if I follow this health plan. If I get to the gym this month; if I drink much water; if I breath this way; if I stretch this way, I am going to get three hundred million dollars and that is paid out to you monthly especially because you can see it in your bank account that money for raising money is something that you want then it’s easy to see that as long as there’s big enough tie, a big enough benefit for yourself, at the end of the day that you’ll do anything to get that and so it shows it increase your business, it increase your relationships, you increase your leader ability, you increase your energy and productivity all through this one thing and it is called health. It’s such the greatest investment you can ever make and a lot of times it adds up far greater of success or something you can have this even greater than money or lifestyle, that’s worth a lot more than three hundred million dollars.

Meghan: Speaking of raising money, there’s been a lot of studies that show when you’re in front of investors or you’re courting investors, I should say there’s a lot to be said than the unsaid like just the way you come across your personality or body language and your appearance and that is a huge thing. So if you’re not healthy looking that can be a loss for you in many times.

Amanda: Yeah, I completely agree with that. We’ve seen in it a lot and it’s unfortunate.

Meghan: So what’s when clients work with you, walk me through your program.

Amanda: Yeah first we get on a call with them to prequalify through a form before we even talk. We want to make sure that our clients are you know. We don’t just take anyone. We take on specific person who is motivated, who is driven, and you know either has a successful business or works in corporate. We want to make sure that they are ready for that change and ready to put on the work on. So with that, we do coaching call every two weeks. It’s already prebooked from the moment that they join our program. You know let’s every Wednesday at 5 o’clock, every two weeks we hop on phone call or Skype session and we talk. Nicholas actually coaches all of our clients. He’s an amazing coach. Honestly being his wife I can say that he’s very gifted in might the round of Tony Robbins. You know Tony Robbins is really able to connect with people being able to coach them and create a pattern in wrap of their life and Nicholas has that power and I know that because he’s been coaching me for the past five years. He’s actually the one who coached me to get into amazing shape. I do all of the back end work for the most creating eating meal plan of our clients, creating the workout programs for them but Nicholas is all on the coaching because that is his strength. That’s his gift. And we have some other coaches as well but the people we specifically work with that’s we do we would like to create this culture of really being able to keep our clients accountable, being able to have that support system those people pushing you, challenging you and encouraging you every single day to do what you said you’re going to do. We don’t just say, here’s the program and we don’t talk to them in two weeks, we actually check in on them. We have Facebook group that we post in daily. We’re checking Facebook post every Monday. People post their goal on the group every Friday. We post their updates, check ins, our wins for the week. It’s very interactive, very one on one. It creates greatest transformation in people’s lives. You know being able to have that 6-12 months of creating new habits of learning and growing of really learning having healthy lifestyle whether their travelling or you’re in a different country wherever it may be. Our clients live a very busy lifestyle so we had to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into their business schedule.

Nicholas: It’s awesome seeing their confidence as well. It just boost to the roof maybe they’re losing body fat or enjoying they’re feeling better of themselves. The fact it, your body is built to survive, our program is to get people their body to start thriving on its abundant resource at the right foods. Filling themselves correctly with mental stuff as well so that their body in full thriving state rather than just surviving state. It allows them to standout amongst all the competition out there. There’s so much competition, so many people talking about the same old stuff, and if you want to stand out in front of everyone, this is the number one way to do that.

Meghan: So what are some tips for the audience just when you’re so busy and you’ve got a lot to do? Maybe you don’t have a big enough team don’t have enough hours for the day, what are some high quality tips to implement all these into life?

Amanda: Yeah, I think the biggest thing first to come out to having a goal, you have to have a WHY, and you have to have a goal that you’re working towards. If you don’t have a goal, you’re just going to be living a day to day life, a month to go by, three months to go by and wow I never got healthy. You need to have a clear and specific goal that is gonna challenge you and motivate you to do it whatever that may be for you. So first we’ll look at clear on that. If you’re on a position right now, maybe you don’t feel comfortable right now, and you’re close in losing 15-20 pounds, set that goal, set a timeline in five months from now, six months from now and release this weight and I’m never gonna find it again. We don’t say lose weight, we say release weight because if you lose something you’ll gonna find it. Yeah, so if you release it, it’s not coming back. So have a clear goal. The second thing is drink enough water in a day and right now we’re actually doing a whole challenge with our clients on drinking eight ounces of water every single hour. So I know for me it’s really easily to do. I’ve been drinking a lot of water, that’s just how I was raise. I drink a ton of water in my entire life but for some of our clients they are just drinking eight ounces to thirty two ounces a day and our body is made up of water and if we aren’t having enough water in a day, our cells aren’t functioning right, our organs aren’t functioning right, we’re gonna have brain fog, we’re gonna be more hungry, our skin isn’t as clear as it is, we’re not gonna be that strong, there’s so many benefits that water has on our life. So if you’re drinking something already replace that with water and be consistent with it. Opt it to drinking eight ounces of water every hour and you throw some lemons and you throw some cucumbers. There’s so many different things that you can do to incorporate more water in your day and that’s just a simple hack.

Meghan: Yeah, and I found that if I have a bigger water bottle then it encourages me to drink more rather than having a small bottle then to go and fill it.

Nicholas: Absolutely, you need to have water in front of you all the time just like our clients they has their favourite custom water bottle and they have it every time because when they are dehydrated which 75% of people are show one out of four in a single room shows dehydrated introduce dehydrated with water 1-3% not severely dehydrated, just a little bit you decrease your performance to 5-10%. So again, it doesn’t matter how much you work like I wouldn’t care if I had someone work 24 hours a day that sold nothing. It just doesn’t matter. The thing that matter is what can be done with the time that I have. And so you can have more productivity with the time that you have and produce more results. That’s all that matters at the end of the day. There’s too many people out there trying to work 18 hours a day that are getting four hours for the work done. It’s because they don’t have that metal clarity, they don’t have that true purpose, they don’t have that confidence to take big strides and big leaps. You won’t believe to crack the code after working with 500 clients and having 100% success rate.

Meghan: So what about incorporating exercise into that 18 hour a day?

Amanda: Yeah for us we believe that nutrition and mindset and what you put into your body is gonna be the first stepping stone. Those are the stepping stones to a healthy lifestyle. You can go and Nicholas is the one who’s can come up with this. He’s just genius. You can only go a few minutes without breathing and then you die. So breathing is essential. You have to get go that breathing. The second is water. You can only go a few days without drinking water. Then you can only go a certain amount of days without eating. So those are the core foundation. You can go long time without working out. You see most people maybe they really work out their entire life so you can go you whole life with working out. So that is the last key to health and see massive transformation in your life. When you start incorporating good nutrition in your body and start flushing out all of the toxins that are in your and releasing fat. That will motivate you to work out. That will motivate you to go to the gym to get active. So are highly supportive of working out, we just think that if someone eats fast food all day long, the first thing they need to do is to address nutrition. And maybe three months from now then concentrate on working out. So for us we work out at least five days a week but you know simple stuff like just by doing a jog or walking. We’ve a couple of clients that we’ve work on them on the nutrition side of things and then they start walking every single day for two miles. They just start releasing more weight and then little comfortable to go to the gym and really do about. Because there’s a lot of professional trainers out there that throw you in the weight lifting room and you have no flexibility and you’re really not at that point to do these crazy workouts yet. You really have to build up yourself up to that point.

Meghan: Yeah, I know even with me trying to eat healthy is a challenge with sometimes being busy and then it’s the end of the day and I am hungry. And I didn’t plan for dinner and I open the fridge and see we don’t have any food and end up getting take out sometimes. I really have to make an effort in meal planning, sitting down. Usually it’s over the weekend just kind of mapping out the week what it’s gonna need to purchase. If you’re in a Metropolitan area, I love Amazon Fresh you can sit down on the computer and go to Amazon Fresh and you type in what groceries you want and they can be at your door that afternoon or before dawn the next morning. Cuts out that stress of going to the grocery store, the stress and the time going to the grocery store and investing in the craziness of that experience getting a bunch of groceries.

Nicholas: Absolutely! What you said is like in the notice “If you failed to prepare, you plan to fail.” And you don’t prioritize your schedule, you schedule your priorities. And when it comes down to it with our clients and we can do this live in the show if you want and this might be fun. You can use it but if you don’t wanna use it that’s okay but what would you say the top priorities in your life are according to your calendar not according to your belief.

Meghan: Wow, that’s speaking some truth right there. I definitely don’t have that in mind.

Nicholas: What would you say that they are?

Meghan: Well my top three priorities in life are my relationship with God, my relationship with my family, and my health. I’m embarrassed to say that I do have my workouts scheduled but I don’t have other time for my top two priorities scheduled.

Nicholas: And so you don’t work then?

Meghan: I do.

Nicholas: So what does your calendar say?

Meghan: Okay, my calendar. Yes, my calendar prioritizes work and I do have my workouts recorded in there and so people can’t schedule meetings with me during that time, that’s my workout time. And I set aside every morning. I have a morning routine where I do stretches and exercises while listening to the daily homily and some prayer but that’s not, I don’t think that’s enough. Actually these exercises have been really good for me too.

Nicholas: So that’s what we bring a lot of our client because if your life can be lived on what you actually want, but you’re talking like your relationship with God, your relationship with family, and like relationships in general. And work wasn’t even in your priority list and you didn’t even bring it up like so but if our calendar isn’t scheduled according that then we probably are failing all along and not really happy in general to the least of we could be. Of course we’re excited in everything that we’re doing like people generally excited about life I hope. But the thing is that if we can figure it out and make you the number one priority, you working on your health and yourself and have an actual structure for that because the plan does matter. I was motivated, I was 60 pounds every weigh and I have no plan. As soon as I found the plan one kid brought it to me at school and showed me the plan. And I executed on it in 50 pounds in six months. It was the correct structure and plan and I was already motivated to execute on it. Sometimes you’re already motivated, you’re already in the gym and you have things scheduled, you’re just doing the least impactful on your health, as the number one priority which is working out.

Meghan: Yes.

Nicholas: Alright we can switch that around and make sure we build that around growing then you can show a lot better to your family. You have more energy, you have more mental clarity, you’ll gonna give them full focus and also in your work. So we can accomplish all those different things through one thing called health wise. You’re going and hang out with your family and building relationship is great. It makes you happy and when you go to work, it doesn’t also improve your health and it also doesn’t build up your business for you. And building your business takes you away from your family and make you happier because it makes more money and you can give more to your family and spend money on few things that are fun but it doesn’t give you motivation to improve your health. A lot of people use their health for their business. You go on and improve your health, it doesn’t take much time. You’re already doing 3 out of 4 steps. You’re already breathing every day, drinking every day and eating every day. Just the wrong things for the majority of people and out of that it impacts your business and it impacts your relationships. It impacts every area that you care about because if you can’t show up 100% then nothing is gonna grow at 100%.

Meghan: Well that’s been really insightful and I am glad that we did an exercise. Yeah, I have some things to work on too. I’m sure everybody else in here does. Do you have any parting piece of guidance for us?

Amanda: Yeah, I mean honestly get some type of accountability. You know at the end of the day like we said we all live a very busy lifestyle. We are all very motivated and well driven to have accountability will keep you in line with your goals. In the end of the day you were like, ‘Men, I really told so and so that I would work out today or drink 160 ounces of water and I am only drinking 120 ounces and I am gonna choke that 40 ounces. I’m gonna do that workout before I go to bed because I have to tell that person that I did it. That’s why we as coaches work with so many different people because they need that person to not just gonna be, ‘ Oh yeah we check in every single week, we check in all the time with our clients to challenge to give them that accountability that they need to keep them accountable to what they said they were going to do. So find someone or get a coach like what we do so you can really hit your goals to have that support system is crucial especially if you’re really trying to hit a goal and really motivated and you really want to do it. Maybe you tried diet before in the past because you don’t have that person there that’s pushing you every single day to do it. That’s what I would say the biggest key while we’ve been successful, our clients are so successful, so many diets work, so many different types of workouts work but you can have that coach that’s helping that’s gonna make a difference.

Meghan: Great! So thank you so much for being in here with us today. Where can people find you guys if they wanna connect and tell us what’s on your website.

Amanda: Yeah, the best way to connect with us is probably via email if you wanna get a hold of us I’m making support at thetruechallenge.com and you can also reach us on Facebook Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle. And we’re also on Instagram and Snapchat. So those are the best ways to get hold of us. We post content all the time on there so if you like what you heard on the interview today, we post a few times of the day some of our best strategies and best tips. So make sure that you follow us on there and let us know that you came from Meghan’s podcast.

Meghan: Speaking of podcast, you have a podcast too.

Amanda: Yeah, we do. How bad do I want it? You can find that on Itunes or Stitchers and we also have that on our website thetruechallenge.com.

Meghan: Which is great by the way. It’s on my list of podcast that I listen to.

Amanda: Oh, thank you so much Meghan. That’s so sweet Meghan. Thank you. You’re doing an amazing work with this podcast so thanks so much for having us on.

Meghan: Thank you for joining me and have a great day, Imua!

Amanda: You too.

Meghan: Well thanks for hanging in with me in that entire episode. Want to go ahead especially if you’re a guy again dropping on their website its thetruechallenge.com/webinar. You’ll learn some little health secrets to just help you keep your life in balance why the busy tornado of life is swirling around you. I have something else exciting for you today. A lot of you guys have been talking to me about, ‘Hey I have this great idea and I just don’t know how to bring it to market.’ Well I have a solution for that I am launching an online course coming out this fall and I actually need your help. I need ten beta testers to help me figure out what’s best for everyone; give me some feedback on that course. So I am opening it up for no charge in exchange for some feedback. So more details coming later. If you’re interested now, you can go ahead and text the word INVENTION to 44222. Again that’s the word INENTION to 44222. I’ll let you know as soon as I have those applications ready and I’ll send you some video inside the course. Well until the next episode, Imua!

Recorder: Mahalo for joining us. If you’re new to riding the waves of medical device product development, or if you’ve been in development for a while already, Inspired by Imua is here to surf with you. Want to be a master of the waves? Text hang ten that’s all one word H-A-N-G-T-E-N to 44222. We’ll send you the most common wipe outs companies make in product development so you can avoid them and reach master wave status. Again, that’s hang ten to 44222. We publish a new episode every Tuesday, so catch us at Inspiredbyimua.com. Imua!

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Meghan M. Alonso
Meghan M. Alonso, referred to by Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington as a medical device development expert, is known for equipping medtech & IVD companies with the knowledge, resources, and connections they need to bring innovative products to market. She’s the IVD Product Marketing Manager for NAMSA and founder of Imua Services. She’s a contributing author for best selling book “Put a Shark in Your Tank” with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and the prestigious “Molecular Profiling – Methods and Protocols”(a must read in molecular diagnostics). Her podcast, MedTech Inspired, in which she interviews the hottest startups, experts, and investors, won iTunes “New and Noteworthy”. According to the Huffington Post, she helps clients navigate the complicated process of bringing their ideas to the marketplace. She’s a patriotic military wife, pet parent, founder and co-founder of 4 successful companies who thrives on guiding medical device and IVD companies through development and manufacturing. When she isn’t helping others, Meghan is hard at work on her MBA she is pursuing from Auburn University, staying active with her adorable husky Abby, crossfitting, enjoying great restaurants and fine wine with her husband, soaking up the sun the nearest beach, and promoting the adoption of shelter dogs.

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